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Creating the Shift


Creating the Shift

Sharon Ann Fullngton


God created us in his image.  We were born to create. What is it you want to create? Me personally, I want to create a world where people are happy and healthy. A world that is running on the vibration of love, not fear.  God is love.  The vibration that is all good.  Everything in love is good.

During the time he came, Jesus knew man was caught in old ways;old paradigms, old destructive patterns of behaviors and beliefs.  He told us to give those old fears, worries and concerns to him. Die to yourself (your old self), open your heart and minds to creator God. The Son of the Creator is the spark that ignites the creative fire, the creative passion that manifest. He said, “No one comes to the father except through me.”  We cannot come to a place of creation until we have that spark, that trust and knowing in ourselves that we are one with the one who created us all. Create a life that is meaningful, loving, and happy.  It starts with you.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your self.” That means come with everything you have, every cell of you, all of your wishes, all your will.  Tell Him what you want, what you want to create. By telling Him you are telling yourself, you see, that loving creativeness lives in us. When you become aware of this, through knowing yourself, is when the world starts to change.


When people, one at a time, are happy, healthy, and loving, that is when the world starts to shift.  The old veil gets lifted.  The veil of fear, that runs our world, was not created by love. God is love, the opposite of fear.


It’s time for the shift……..Nothing changes if nothing changes…


How many times do we have our dreams and goals (creation, love, God working) and the old voice in our head (the old paradigms, the devil, fear) bringing us back down with thoughts of doubts?  Which voice are you going to listen to?


Lets create a loving healthy world together.  That can be your legacy, when you get to the end, knowing that all along the way you helped create. The real success in life is helping others achieve health in body, mind, and spirit. Pass that spark around that lights the creative passion.


That’s the shift…


Let’s create the new paradigm together…one thought at a time.

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